Picture Day
   Sep 27 2016
   Minimum Day 1st-5th Grades
   Sep 29 2016 at 08:00 AM
   ELAC Meeting
   Oct 20 2016 at 08:40 AM
   PTO Meeting
   Oct 20 2016 at 07:00 PM


Welcome to
Riverbend Elementary

Thanks for visiting Riverbend Elementary


Riverbend Elementary School students will become critical, creative learners and thinkers, and independent problems solvers. They will demonstrate the characteristics of competent, responsible and caring citizens, and acquire the academic and communication skills necessary for contribution and success in a diverse global society.

Gold Ribbon 

Riverbend was honored for excellence in 2016 by the California Department of Education. The prestigious Gold Ribbon School Award is based on innovation and effectiveness in implementing state academic content and performance standards. 

 Grade Start Dismissal
K 8:30am 12:10pm
1st - 5th
8:30am 2:35pm
6th 8:30am 2:40pm
7th - 8th
8:30am 2:55pm

 Mid-Morning Recess

1st  9:30am 9:45am
2nd  9:47am 10:02am
3rd 10:04am 10:19am
4th & 5th
10:35am 10:50am
6th - 8th
10:21am 10:31am

K 10:45am 11:05am
1st 10:55am 11:30am
2nd 11:10am 11:45am
3rd 11:20am 11:55am
4th & 5th 11:55am 12:30pm
11:24am 11:59am
7th & 8th
12:25pm 1:00pm